About ʻEkahi Wellness

Currently, ‘Ekahi Wellness is focused on helping people manage their chronic conditions with the support of an entire healthcare team, including patients’ physicians. To get started, talk to your physician about getting a referral to our program.

We’ll work with your physician’s office to create a care plan specifically for you to take control of your health. Our approach is to use modern medicine, technology, and lifestyle habits to maximize your physical and emotional wellbeing.

We’ve helped over a thousand individuals start their journey to a happier, healthier lifestyle. We understand that living with diabetes is a life-long challenge and our healthcare professionals are here to help you become an empowered partner in your health.

Meet Our Team

Patricia Lee, PharmD, CDCES


Eloise Guckelberger, RD, CDCES

Registered Dietitian

Marissa Lum

Wellness Coordinator

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Expect Results

One of the key measures of diabetes management is Hemoglobin A1c, where the goal is to maintain a normal A1c number. A normal A1c is <5.7, a prediabetic A1c is 5.7 to 6.4, and a diabetic A1c is >6.5.

The change in your A1c depends on many factors including what your A1c is when you join the Wellness Program. On average, you can expect a 0.6 reduction in your A1c. However, some people can see over 2.5 points drop and others will see a maintenance of their current A1c. Learn more about A1c in Resources.

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